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Book Write-Up: When “Spiritual But Not Religious” Is Not Enough

Lillian Daniel.  When “Spiritual But Not Religious” Is Not Enough: Seeing God in Surprising Places, Even the Church.  New York: Jericho Books, 2013.  See here to buy the book. Lillian Daniel is a United Church of Christ minister in Glen … Continue reading

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Thomas Aquinas on Euthyphro’s Dilemma

Originally posted on Cruciform Theology:
Here’s a question that I increasingly find to be foundational to a person’s overall theology: Does God command a thing because it is good, or is it good because God commands it? [From Plato’s Euthyphro] The…

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What I’m Reading — June 2015

Originally posted on Bob on Books:
I’m in kind of a crunch right now between back to back trips to Pittsburgh and Cincinnati. So this post will be briefer, and perhaps not so carefully crafted as some. Just thought I’d…

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Kevin O’Kane’s Response to My Review of His Book

Recently, I reviewed Kevin O’Kane’s Instigators of the Apocalypse: How Those with False Interpretations of the Book of Revelation Influenced Wars and Revolutions in the History of Western Civilization (see here for my review).  O’Kane sent me a thoughtful response … Continue reading

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