Sparks-is reading the Bible this way hostile to faith?


Clearly Kenton Sparks has read and disagreed with many evangelical scholars who have tried to dismiss or downplay the application of critical methods to the Bible. In God’s Word in Human Words he tries to show how inadequate many of these attempts are.

We will not go far into his discussions of evangelical commentaries and articles that take on some of the particular biblical issues we already mentioned, such as sources of the Pentateuch; discrepancies between Kings and Chronicles; authorship of Isaiah; or our inability to harmonize the gospels. One of the things he points out is that the data behind critical theories is often cumulative, but that attempts to debunk biblical criticism often seek to undermine individual data-points while ignoring the weight of cumulative evidence.

I have noticed this too.

Often the most telling points of opponents of biblical criticism are those that take on the Enlightenment assumptions that…

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