Seccombe–a little more identity politics


I am interested in Simon of Cyrene. So I was disappointed that David Seccombe in The King of God’s Kingdom say only a little about him.

Seccombe does set the scene for the trek to Calvary. Jesus had been scourged or flogged with a whip. This weakened people. So he could not endure the additional strain of carrying the cross beam (the vertical stake was already in place at the scene of the execution). So a man was drafted from the crowd to carry it for Jesus.

William Baird, who was one of my New Testament professors, had a theory about Simon. His sermon based on this was his most popular.

Baird started, like Seccombe, with the fact that Simon’s sons, Alexander and Rufus, were known to the church in Mark’s day (Mark 15:21). Also, in Acts we learn that people of Cyrene were among the first to carry the…

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