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Ramblings on Salvation and Scriptural Interpretation

I recently read and reviewed the book, Contagious Disciple Making: Leading Others on a Journey of Discovery, by David and Paul Watson.  In the book, the Watsons emphasize the importance of Christian small groups, where Christians and seekers can come … Continue reading

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Interesting Similarities

Originally posted on Εις Δοξαν:
I’m always intrigued when I encounter similarities between the texts of the Bible and other ancient literature. One such example I happened upon while reading about Heracles’ twelve labors. For his eleventh labor (Apollodorus Library 2.5.11), Heracles was commissioned by…

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World Religions: The Sage and the Savior

Originally posted on Reflections:
Among the world’s great religious leaders, two became far-reaching moral instructors of humanity. Confucius (the sage) laid down the ethical foundation for much of Asian civilization. Jesus of Nazareth (the Savior) taught moral lessons that distinctly…

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Free Resources for Bible Geeks

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