The Copywriter’s Notebook: Confucius for Christians

“Read [the Analects of Confucius] not in order to point out all of the similarities and differences with traditional orthodox Christian thought. Read them as scientists of human flourishing. Read them in search of anything that might conduce to the human life well-lived. Remember that Jesus loves you. And he wants you to flourish. And he would have you to find ideas conducive to your flourishing wherever they are to be found. He won’t be threatened in the slightest if you find ideas conducive to your flourishing somewhere other than in his teachings or the teachings of his followers.”



If you’ve been paying attention to my little corner of this blog for a couple of years now, you may remember how well I love bookstore and library displays that present “If you liked __________, try these similar titles!”

I have a new Eerdword display for you today. If you liked Mudhouse Sabbath by Lauren Winner, try Confucius for Christians by Gregg Ten Elshof.

In Mudhouse Sabbath Lauren Winner, a convert from Orthodox Judaism to Christianity, reflects on the rich traditions and spiritual practices of Judaism and presents ways that they can be incorporated into Christianity. It’s a beautiful book that I learned a lot from and that added new dimensions to my own faith.

In Confucius for Christians: What an Ancient Chinese Worldview Can Teach Us about Life in Christ, Gregg Ten Elshof reflects on the teachings of Jesus and Confucius together. He takes a passage from the Confucian…

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