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Scattered Ramblings on Three Posts, and Small Groups That Have Different People

Let me start by mentioning the three posts. 1.  Beth Caplin, Dear Church, here is where you lose me. Beth talks about her disagreements with conservative Christians within the church, and how she has not been persuaded by the “answers” … Continue reading

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Acts 10 – What is a “God-Fearing Gentile”?

Reading Acts Luke describes Cornelius as God-Fearing and devout. “Devout” (εὐσεβής, 10:2) indicates someone is devoted to a particular religion or god; a person who is “profoundly reverent” (BDAG), whether this is a person who is reverent towards the God … Continue reading

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Rachel in Review: A Lutheran View of Frozen

Originally posted on EerdWord:
This coming Sunday, I have two big events on my calendar: Go to church. Watch the Oscars. Were I not an Eerdnerd, it would be the most natural thing in the world for me to draw…

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