Fohrer-will we running out of letters for the sources?


In his Introduction to the Old Testament in a section called “The Problem of a Third Early Source Stratum” Fohrer asserted that there are conflicting theologies within the JE material.  He said that the old stories (when you take the P material out) show two “divergent tendencies”  In one group of passages mankind, after Adam, heads straight downhill to sin and judgment.  But there is another group of passages that see a kind of rhythm.  People advance and finally become civilized and arrogant.  Then God acts to stymie them.  Fohrer saw these two patterns as mutually exclusive.

I will come back to these tendencies.  But first I note that Fohrer made some other points.  One of them is that several events in the early stories happen three times.  The most obvious one of these is that a patriarch’s wife is endangered three times in very similar circumstances. Most of the…

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