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Acts 8 – Philip, Simon, and Magic

Reading Acts After the execution of Stephen, Luke tells us that a great persecution broke out in Jerusalem, presumably led by Saul and other Hellenistic Jews from the synagogue of the Freedmen. Philip, introduced in Acts 6 as a deacon, … Continue reading

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Fohrer-will we running out of letters for the sources?

Originally posted on theoutwardquest:
In his Introduction to the Old Testament in a section called “The Problem of a Third Early Source Stratum” Fohrer asserted that there are conflicting theologies within the JE material.  He said that the old stories…

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Some Hopefully Not-Crazy Musings on Calvinism & Predestination

Originally posted on the long way home:
The Christian family is large and diverse. The little corner of that family that I occupy is usually called “Reformed”, meaning they can trace a lot of their distinctive teachings back to John…

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Will God’s Character Change at the Last Judgment?

I was reading the Book of IV Ezra recently.  IV Ezra was a Jewish work, and Michael Stone in the HarperCollins Study Bible says that it was probably written around 70 C.E., which is when the Romans destroyed Jerusalem and … Continue reading

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