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‘Classes’ of People: A Relationship Between Gnostic and classical Calvinist/Arminian Understanding of Election? Appropriated from J. Kameron Carter

Originally posted on The Evangelical Calvinist:
This won’t be a popular post among some, but I think it hits upon something that needs to be addressed in regard to how the doctrine of election and reprobation (double predestination) has taken…

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Christian Responses to the Spiritual and Physical Status of Neanderthals

Originally posted on Naturalis Historia:
The physical and spiritual status of Neanderthals has been hotly debated since the first fossilize of bones were described from Neander Valley in Germany in 1856.   Since that time bones from more than 400…

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“You’re Caricaturing My Position!”

Today’s post will be a bit rambling.  I will use as a starting-point something that Rachel Held Evans said in a recent post, Post-Evangelicals and Why We Just Can’t Get Over It.  Rachel says about certain conservative articles she has … Continue reading

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