A Look at Bart Ehrman’s Christology

Reblogging for future reference. Not sure if I entirely agree, since there is the issue of possible Christian interpolations; still, this post presents information about interpretations of the Son of Man.


Recently, Bart Ehrman was interviewed by World Magazine about his book on Christology called How Jesus Became God. I have met Bart because we had him do a debate for us at our campus about five years ago,

I could mention many things about this interview. But I wanted to mention something about this question and Bart’s response here:

It says:

Evangelical scholars, at least, say that there are at least 80 references in all four of the Gospels to Jesus calling Himself either God or the Son of Man or some other phrase that has connotations of divinity or even actual assertions of divinity. You disagree with that?

Ehrman says:  Just not me. Apart from evangelical Christians, you don’t find this view represented very much in scholarship. Evangelical Christians of course think Jesus is God and therefore he must have called himself God, but if you look at…

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