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“Whom Ye Know Not”

The sermon at church this morning was interesting.  We’re celebrating Advent, which is about anticipating the coming of Christ.  The pastor during the first part of his sermon was inquiring why John the Baptist was not at the nativity.  My … Continue reading

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Who Sinned? (John 9)

Originally posted on Reading Acts:
While walking in Jerusalem, the disciples see a man born blind and ask Jesus why the man was born blind (verse 1-2). Judaism sometimes connected sin and illness.  The reason for this is a strong…

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A Flock of Genomes Reveals the Toothy Ancestry of Birds

Originally posted on Naturalis Historia:
A tidal wave of genomic information came ashore this week in the form of 45 new genome sequences of birds. In a series of papers released in Science hundreds of researches combine to analyze the hundreds…

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