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Book Write-Up: Herodotus and Religion in the Persian Wars

Jon D. Mikalson.  Herodotus and Religion in the Persian Wars.  Chapel Hill and London: University of North Carolina Press, 2003. Herodotus was a fifth century B.C.E. historian, and he wrote about fifth century wars between the Greeks and the Persians.  … Continue reading

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Book Write-Up: Your Life Still Counts

Tracie Miles.  Your Life Still Counts: How God Uses Your Past to Create a Beautiful Future.  Minneapolis: Bethany House Publishers, 2014.  See here for Bethany House’s page about the book. Tracie Miles had an abortion.  Her book, Your Life Still … Continue reading

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The First Witnesses of the Resurrection

Originally posted on Reading Acts:
According to John 20:1, the first witness to the resurrection is Mary Magdalene, who visited the tomb very early on Sunday morning. Who is this Mary? The name “Magdalene” indicates she was from a town…

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Book Write-Up: Samuel Rutherford

Richard M. Hannula.  Samuel Rutherford.  Grand Rapids: EP Books, 2014. Samuel Rutherford was a seventeenth century Presbyterian minister in Scotland.  In Samuel Rutherford, which is part of the series Bitesize Biographies, Richard Hannula tells the story of Rutherford’s life, devotions, … Continue reading

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Honest Prayer

At church this morning, the pastor preached about Thanksgiving.  He told us about the 1965 movie Shenandoah, in which Jimmy Stewart played a farmer during the American Civil War.   Stewart’s character was named Charlie Anderson, and he was trying … Continue reading

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Why does God allow so much natural evil from earthquakes?

Originally posted on WINTERY KNIGHT:
My friend Eric Chabot of Ratio Christi shared this video with me, which features chemist Fazale Rana. The video runs under 4 minutes: Basically, there was an atheist who challenged the idea that nature is…

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II Chronicles 8

I have two items for my blog post today about II Chronicles 8. 1.  II Chronicles 8:1-2 states in the NRSV: “At the end of twenty years, during which Solomon had built the house of the LORD and his own … Continue reading

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