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Some Anti-Imperial Thoughts

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The trend of identifying anti-imperial themes, rhetoric and messages in the New Testament is pretty hot right now – post-colonial readings of Scripture as well. I recently got ‘Jesus is Lord, Caeser is Not’, and…

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Notes on the Analogy of Being, Barth and Torrance

Originally posted on Theologians, Inc.:
– T.F. Torrance bases most of his theology on the fact that the Word can’t be divorced from God’s act or being. Torrance also very forcefully rejects any system of theology or philosophy that purports…

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why am I still a Christian?

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II Chronicles 2

In my study of II Chronicles 2, I read scholarly arguments that the Chronicler in II Chronicles 2 conforms history to his own ideology.  Here are three examples, along with my comments: 1.  King Hiram of Tyre recommended that Solomon … Continue reading

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