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*This is a more theological post that won’t interest some.*

Dare I try to share some thoughts about the Left Behind movie that just came out? First a little defense of DTS…

I am a DTS grad, and some people have what I consider unfair or inaccurate views about DTS. My experience was that DTS taught me to think for myself, and while a dispensational, pre-trib, premillenial view was taught, other views were presented too. I did not feel like I was indoctrinated. For example, for my ecclesiology class we had to read a book on the church by a covenant theologian. The prof said that he  wanted us to get a fair and accurate view from someone who actually holds to covenant theology. For several of my theology classes, we had to read the counterpoint books from Zondervan – so that we would be exposed to the various viewpoints…

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