The Actor and the Role

I have the first five seasons of 7th Heaven.  It’s been a year-or-so since I’ve watched the show, but I’m a fan.  And I would say that my favorite character was Eric Camden, the father and pastor.  I liked Annie Camden (Eric’s wife) too, but I liked Eric a little more.  He had his flaws, but he always tried to help people.

I know that the actor and the role that he plays are not necessarily the same.  Still, whenever I encounter a character whom I like—-a good character—-I do hope that the actor is at least somewhat like that character, that the actor is putting a bit of himself into the role.  Maybe that is naive on my part.

Can I watch 7th Heaven and like Eric Camden, even if Stephen Collins did horrible things?  Eric Camden would never do what Stephen Collins allegedly did.  Eric Camden would do what is right.

It may be a while before I watch 7th Heaven again, if I ever do.  True, the actor and the role that he plays are not necessarily the same.  But I will not be able to watch Eric Camden, without thinking about the horrible things that Stephen Collins did (assuming the taped confession is authentic).

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3 Responses to The Actor and the Role

  1. Laura Droege says:

    Oh, wow, I hadn’t heard about all of this. I just googled him. Sickening, if this is indeed true, and truly sad. I’m not sure that I could watch him in anything again. (I have the same reaction to authors when I find out something like this about them.) I guess the Christian thing to do would be to pray for him, but how do you pray for an alleged pedophile?


  2. I was floored when I read about it. He the man has always seemed to gravitate towards parts that were family oriented so I don’t know. I feel for the young girls because they have been changed forever if the allegations are true and the damage is long lasting. Sad, sad.


  3. jamesbradfordpate says:

    I guess you’d pray that he repents and gets the help that he needs. A lot of victimizers were victimized themselves. And, of course, pray for the victims, that they may somehow find healing.

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