Frozen, Once Upon a Time, Elizabeth Mitchell

I watched the Disney movie Frozen last week, since the TV series Once Upon a Time is focusing on the Frozen characters this season.  Watching Frozen certainly enhanced my appreciation of last Sunday’s episode!  I understood why Anna was going by “Joan” (she admired Joan of Ark in the movie).  I could appreciate her statement that she loved sandwiches (she loved them in the movie).  When she said in last Sunday’s episode that she risked her life to teach her sister Elsa that survival was not the same as living, I knew what she was talking about, for I experienced it with her in watching the movie.

What’s more, I actually liked the Frozen characters in Once Upon a Time after seeing the movie, more than I did before seeing it.   When I first saw the first episode of this season, which was before I saw the movie, I did not care for the Frozen characters as much.  Anna seemed to me to be chattering aimlessly.  Perhaps I did admire Elsa’s display of power: in the preview, she said that no one would leave the town until she found her sister!  But, overall, I liked the characters better after seeing the movie, maybe because I enjoyed the movie and got to know the characters.

Elizabeth Mitchell will be playing the snow queen this season.  At the end of last Sunday’s episode, the announcer referred to her as “LOST‘s Elizabeth Mitchell.”  That at first puzzled me, since LOST ended about four years ago, and Elizabeth Mitchell was in other things since then.   But it shouldn’t puzzle me.  Why would ABC mention the fact that she was on Revolution, an NBC show?  And, while she was on V, an ABC show, LOST was a more successful ABC show.  It lasted longer, and it ended rather than getting cancelled.

I did not like Elizabeth Mitchell on LOST at first on account of her smirk, which looked pretty smug.  But I got to like her better when I learned that I had already seen her in things, playing characters that I liked.  I think of the mom on the movie Frequency.  Plus, I warmed up to her a bit on LOST because I got used to her being around.

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  1. I really liked her in Revolution, because even though she was brilliant, she was still capable of making mistakes and could be fragile, very human. I liked her in Lost towards the end after I got used to her. 😀 I am very happy with Once Upon the Time!


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