Pilot to Gotham

I watched the pilot to Gotham last night.  Gotham is a retelling of the Batman story.  I cannot say that the pilot blew me away.  But the scene in which young Bruce Wayne is walking with his parents and his parents get shot by a burglar was really sad.  One minute, Bruce and his parents are laughing about a movie that they just saw and enjoying each other’s company.  The next minute, Bruce’s parents are lying on the ground dead.

The Spiderman story usually gets to me, too.  Peter Parker did not stop a burglar because of his own resentment, and that burglar later killed Peter’s kindly Uncle Ben.

These events were what made the men into what they became: superheroes, with a calling to save other people’s lives.  They were sad events, though, even if they were fictional.  Too bad it took those events to cause them to become heroes.  Otherwise, would they have?  They would not have had the motivating factor of wanting to preserve others from the pain that they themselves experienced.

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4 Responses to Pilot to Gotham

  1. It is sitting in my DVR, I am waiting for my husband to get back from his trip to watch iit with him 🙂


  2. Mike Skinner says:

    I watched the Pilot too … and I gotta admit that it made me pretty happy.


  3. Mike Skinner says:

    Not that sad scene – just the show in general…

    FYI… 🙂


  4. jamesbradfordpate says:

    I thought Alfred was a bit cold. But that may be because I love how Michael Caine depicted him in the movies. I also liked Alfred in the earlier Batman movies.


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