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I have been reading Avraham Faust’s Israel’s Ethnogenesis not just to have a reading project this month, but because I am trying to figure something out. There has been a relatively new find (since Faust’s book) in Israel which may change the way I have to understand the history of the period that corresponds to 1 and 2 Samuel in the Bible.(See here).

My theory about that period has been that Judah, which up to then had not existed as the kind of coalition of peoples that David put together, conquered the northern tribes and installed David as king. David subjugated the northern tribes. But he was either an ally or a vassal of the Philistine city-state of Gath, which was sometimes at war with other Philistine city states.

My theory is probably wrong. The newer archeological evidence from the Elah Valley seems to show Judah heavily fortifying itself…

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