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Book Write-Up: Return to Me, by Lynn Austin

Lynn Austin.  Return to Me.  Minneapolis: Bethany House, 2013. Return to Me is the first book of Lynn Austin’s Restoration Chronicles.  It is Christian historical fiction about the return of the Jews from Babylonian exile in the sixth century B.C.E., … Continue reading

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Which Takes Priority: Faith or Political Affiliation?

I was reading a blog post recently that was arguing that the white evangelical community is itself post-evangelical.  Whereas previous generations of evangelicals looked to commitment to biblical authority and sharing the faith as identity markers, nowadays a number of … Continue reading

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New Seasons and Comfort TV

Well, some new TV seasons started last night!  We watched all of season 3 of Once Upon a Time recently, so we were ready for the start of Season 4 last night.  And we watched the hour-long episode of Family … Continue reading

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Can We Over-Emphasize God’s Love?

Can we over-emphasize God’s love?  I was thinking about that as I was trying to sleep last night.  Some think that we can.  We can use God’s love as an excuse, to convince ourselves that we can sin and still … Continue reading

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Working in the Vineyard

At church this morning, the pastor preached about Matthew 21:28-32, in which Jesus tells the story of two sons.  The father told one son to work in the vineyard, and the son said no but later changed his mind and … Continue reading

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the books I didn’t read

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I Chronicles 29

In  I Chronicles 29, King David encourages leaders in Israel to support his successor, Solomon, in the task of constructing the Temple, and to donate materials to the project, as David did. I generally listen to sermons about the chapter … Continue reading

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Ramblings on Being a Private Person

I try to write on my blog every day.  Today, I am finding that difficult.  I already posted something, but I wrote that post last week and scheduled it to appear on my blog today.  I try to write an … Continue reading

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Defending #ClassicalTheism One Tweet at a Time

Originally posted on Reformedish:
I just finished John W. Cooper’s masterful work Panentheism: The Other God of the Philosophers yesterday. It’s often charged that ‘classical theism’, the Augustinian tradition of theological reflection held broadly across Catholic, Lutheran, and Reformed traditions, is…

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Mesothelioma Awareness Day

Today is Mesothelioma Awareness Day.  According to Dr. Howard West, “Mesothelioma is an aggressive cancer affecting the membrane lining of the lungs and abdomen.”  Dr. West states that “The primary cause and risk factor for mesothelioma is exposure to asbestos.”  … Continue reading

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