Promised Land

And the Words became Books

Caitlin Carenen, The Fervent Embrace: Liberal Protestants, Evangelicals, and Israel (New York: New York University Press, 2012).

Israeli flagAs the body-count of Palestinian children in Gaza continues to climb, American Christians seem to be becoming more and more confused. Hasn’t America supported Israel from the beginning? Aren’t the Israeli’s the good guys? With civilians making up 75% of the casualties in this war, over 3,600 homes destroyed, and roughly 1.8 million now without access to water or sanitation, a serious humanitarian crisis has developed in Gaza. Ignoring the economic and psychological costs of Israel’s seven year blockade of Gaza, compounded by the destruction of homes, detention without trial, environmental contamination and restriction of movement, many Evangelicals continue to emphasize that God loves the Israeli nation-state. Even the fact that Israel is testing banned weapons on civilian populations does not seem to faze them. Israel is morally right to use extreme force, they argue…

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