Book Write-Up: How to Pick Up a Stripper, and Other Acts of Kindness

Todd and Erin Stevens.  How to Pick Up a Stripper, and Other Acts of Kindness: Serving People Just as They Are.  Thomas Nelson, 2014.

Todd Stevens is pastor of Friendship Community Church, which is known for its outreach to the community.  His wife Erin is founder of the Nashville Strip Church, which brings food to employees at strip clubs and offers to pray for them, with the permission of the strip club owners.  Todd and Erin show people the love of God, no strings attached, and they encourage other Christians to do the same.

This is an excellent book about the importance of proactively giving to others.  Many of the stories in the book are inspiring.  Some are funny.  A few are pretty ironic: some seminary students were about to preach about the Good Samaritan, and they ignored someone on the street who was in need!  It’s easier to preach something than it is to put it into practice!

The book also contained valuable insights about different stages of the spiritual journey, and encouraging people to take the next step rather than pushing them into a stage for which they are not ready.

In reading this book, I can find myself saying a lot of “Yes, but…”s.  I’d like to help, but I am too introverted and shy.  I’d like to help, but I don’t have much money for myself, let alone others.  Todd and Erin Stevens address these concerns.  Whether or not you find what they say to be adequate, they are definitely worth hearing out.  Moreover, Todd does not present himself as one who is superior to anyone.  He acknowledges his flaws, often with humor.  He is a work in progress, just like the rest of us.

Note: I received a complimentary review copy of this book (as an e-book) through the BookLook Bloggers ( book review bloggers program.  The program does not require for my review to be positive, and my review reflects my honest reaction to the book.


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