“Let It Go”—-For Ten Hours

I’ve not seen the Disney movie Frozen yet.  I plan to eventually, since the Snow Queen Elsa from Frozen will be a character in the upcoming season of Once Upon a Time (one of my favorite shows).

Even though I’ve not yet seen the movie, I have been listening to the song “Let It Go.”  It won an Academy Award.  I love the song, for a variety of reasons.  Perhaps the biggest reason is that it is about Elsa’s journey from sadness and isolation to self-acceptance, freedom, and triumph, even defiance.  Something I read on the Internet said that Elsa was a misunderstood character.  I think of that as I listen to “Let It Go.”

On YouTube, you can listen to the song for ten hours straight.  Click here if you don’t believe me, or if you do believe me and want to listen to it.  That is a bit much for me.  I don’t want to get to the point where I am so sick of the song, that it fails to inspire me when I actually watch the movie!  I can still identify, however, with one commentator who said that she likes the YouTube video because now she can just listen to the song as long as she wants, without having to manually go back and restart the song.

I’m listening to the video now.  I think I’m on the fourth playing of “Let It Go.”  I’ll shut it off soon because I need to be brought back to earth, and that’s hard when I’m listening to such a highly emotional and intense song.  It can drain one’s emotions!

I’m wanting to review a book on my blog for an academic publishing house.  It’s deciding whether or not to accept me as a reviewer for that book.  Someone from there may be visiting my blog to see what kind of blog it is.  To that person, I ask that he or she look around on my blog.  I do review academic books!  Today, though, I decided to write a light post about a song.  A heavy song.

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  1. I love Once Upon a Time!


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