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Being Single at Churches

I was reading a post yesterday about the difficulty of being single in church.  I’ll link to it (see here), but my goal is not so much to comment on the post itself, as it is to use it as … Continue reading

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Jeroboam, Elijah, Ezra, and Abraham: Hinduism and the Bible

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Here is another attempt to conceptualize Hinduism for a Jewish audience. This time in the reverse. How would Hinduisms react to Biblical stories. Help me think this one through- does it…

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“You Prayed and Believed Your WHOLE Life…”

I was watching a YouTube video about the Christian movie, God’s Not Dead.  Many people focus on the part of the movie in which a Christian student challenges his atheistic philosophy professor.  But there are other sub-plots to the movie, … Continue reading

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Gaza Power Plant Attacked By Israeli Tank Fire, Knocking Out Electricity To Gaza City

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Yesterday I had a chilling thought, is Israel trying to wipe out the Palestinians for good? If they aren’t, they are doing a frightening imitation of what a stronger power does to its…

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Envious of the Saved by the Bell Characters?

I’ve been watching Saved by the Bell during my lunch.  The very first time that it came on, which was several years ago, it was at nights.  I did not care for it then.  It struck me as cheesy, corny, … Continue reading

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Pagnini and the welfare state

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I have tried drafting a few posts lately but none of them seemed interesting enough. So I gave up and retreated to reading French books in Google books on Santes Pagnini to see where he has…

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Book Write-Up: How to Pick Up a Stripper, and Other Acts of Kindness

Todd and Erin Stevens.  How to Pick Up a Stripper, and Other Acts of Kindness: Serving People Just as They Are.  Thomas Nelson, 2014. Todd Stevens is pastor of Friendship Community Church, which is known for its outreach to the … Continue reading

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Reaching Across the Aisle

I am happy—-even moved—-when people reach across the aisle.  You don’t see it often in these days of political polarization.  Today, on a couple of Sunday news shows, I got to see examples of people reaching across the aisle: praising … Continue reading

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Does God Have a Plan for People’s Lives?

At church this morning, the theme was God having a plan for people’s lives.  That message somewhat took me aback.  Why?  It’s standard Christian fare, isn’t it?  I think the reason is that I am a bit skeptical these days. … Continue reading

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I Chronicles 20

I Chronicles 20:2 says the following, in reference to David conquering the country of Ammon: “And David took the crown of their king from off his head, and found it to weigh a talent of gold, and there were precious … Continue reading

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