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About to Vote in a Republican Primary

Although I lean more in the progressive direction politically, I am registered as a Republican.  The reason is that, where I live, the primaries are closed, which means that only registered Democrats can vote in Democratic primaries, and only registered … Continue reading

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The Holiday Blues

A thought has occurred to me more than once: according to my recollections, I had the “holiday blues” more often after I quit drinking, than I did before.  I wonder why that was.  Isn’t sobriety, after all, supposed to entail … Continue reading

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Loser’s Guide to God’s Grace 09: What You Get

Originally posted on The Loser's Guide to God's Grace:
So if what you get by God’s grace is so much better than the “blessings” we’ve been praying and asking for, what is it? What do we get? I…

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Book Write-Up: Harry Emerson Fosdick, by Robert Moats Miller

Robert Moats Miller.  Harry Emerson Fosdick: Preacher, Pastor, Prophet.  Oxford University Press, 1985. I first heard of Harry Emerson Fosdick back when I was in college.  I was preparing a presentation on the fundamentalist-modernist controversy of the 1920’s, and I … Continue reading

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Baptism, the Sermon on the Mount, and Hyper-Grace

At church this morning, we had an adult baptism.  Normally, my church baptizes infants.  Today’s adult baptism was noteworthy, in my opinion, because it was so authentic.  We weren’t just going through the motions, vowing as a congregation that we … Continue reading

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I Chronicles 15

My post about I Chronicles 15 today will focus more on what a commentary said about a verse in I Chronicles 15, rather than the contents of the chapter itself. I Chronicles 15:1 states: “And David made him houses in … Continue reading

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What Makes a Person Good?

I read a post this morning by Derek Leman, Whatever Happened to On, Son of Peleth.  You can read the post if you want to learn who On, son of Peleth is.  What I want to do here is interact … Continue reading

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