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Hyper-Grace, and Are Relationships with God Like Human Relationships?

I was watching a couple of YouTube videos yesterday.  They were about the Hyper-grace movement.  I blogged about that a few days ago.  See here.  In that particular link, I talk about Michael Brown’s criticism of the Hyper-grace movement.  Dr. … Continue reading

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Does the Bible Contain True Prophecies?

Originally posted on Finding Truth:
When I was a Christian, one of the biggest reasons I had for believing the Bible was that it contained actual prophecy — or so I thought. I mean, if a book gave specific, detailed…

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My Brief Interactions with Maya Angelou

Originally posted on Stephen Mattson:
Whenever Maya Angelou visited the Twin Cities she stayed at the same hotel I worked at, and since I was the bellman, I was charged with pushing her around in her wheelchair. So there I…

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