Three Sinful Paths

The Upside Down World

Let’s say that you are a new Christian, earnest and eager to follow the narrow path and repent of sin and all its damaging consequences. Which is a good goal. Both the Greek and Hebrew words for sin mean to miss the mark. The mark being union with God. Since union with God is the full fruit of redemption and sin means missing that fruit, avoiding sin is a worthwhile goal. But how to do that?

Well, in general, there are three paths you can take. One will take you to God. One will take you destruction. And one will get you somewhere between the two. Allow me to explain these paths and you see if you can pick out which is which.

The first path is one favored by many in the church. It is to identify sin and target it for elimination. It may mean that you refrain…

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3 Responses to Three Sinful Paths

  1. I haven’t thought about sin since Catholic school, interesting post. 🙂


  2. jamesbradfordpate says:

    Did your Catholic school emphasize it a lot?


  3. We learned about venal and mortal sin, we learned about limbo and how we could help them get to heaven, of course Jesus dying for our sins. They enjoyed bringing us to confession right next door in church. Having the church next door to the school made it very convenient for the nuns to keep our souls “pure” lol


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