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Three Sinful Paths

Originally posted on The Upside Down World:
Let’s say that you are a new Christian, earnest and eager to follow the narrow path and repent of sin and all its damaging consequences. Which is a good goal. Both the Greek…

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Limit to Authenticity, and Letting Things Be

I’m not really in the mood to write today.  I read a lot of good things.  I reblogged some of them.  One article, I’d like to share, but I fear that it would offend a lot of people, and I … Continue reading

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Our Philosophical Options According to Albert Camus

Originally posted on Reflections:
Some of the stories from classical Greek philosophy and mythology leave me with a lingering sense of philosophical angst. In an earlier article, I wrote about how Plato’s allegory of the cave always makes me self-conscious…

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Struggling to Un-Love Ex-Sins: A Long Repentance in the Same Direction

Helpful reflections on repentance and forgiveness.

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