Ann Davis

I was watching the Entertainment Tonight segment about actress Ann Davis last night.  Ann Davis played the housekeeper Alice on the Brady Bunch.  She passed on a few days ago.

The segment featured an old interview that ET did with Ann.  She said that she initially wanted to be a doctor, but then she concluded that she was not smart enough for that.  She then turned to speech and drama, which she loved.  She would go on to win an Emmy two times for her role on the Bob Cummings Show.  Later, she would play the role for which she was best known, Alice in The Brady Bunch.

Ann would go on to become involved in the church and ministry.  She lived in a religious community and served at a homeless shelter.  In the ET interview, she said it was if the Lord let her have all the world had to offer, then made her a better offer!

I remember reading about Ann Davis on wikipedia years ago.  Maybe it was because I had just watched one of the Brady Bunch movies, and I was curious about the actors.  It interested me that Ann Davis never married or had kids, and that she lived in a religious community (which I think was Episcopalian).  I have to respect actors who take their faith or beliefs seriously.

I used to watch the Brady Bunch when I was a kid.  I liked it.  I liked Alice!  I bet that Ann Davis was a nice person.  She always came across that way on TV: as someone who’s real and down-to-earth.

See here to watch the ET segment.

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4 Responses to Ann Davis

  1. I liked Alice as well; my favorite episode is when Alice’s cousin came to baby sit the Brady Bunch when Alice went away. Alice the drill sergeant was so tough she made the real Alice irreplaceable for everyone. If I remember correctly Alice never went on vacation again lol 🙂


  2. jamesbradfordpate says:

    I was thinking of that episode yesterday. I was wondering who played Alice’s cousin. She looked somewhat like Alice, so I wondered if that actress was related to Ann Davis.


  3. jamesbradfordpate says:

    I just checked the Internet Movie Database. Ann Davis played the cousin, too.


  4. I am almost positive that it was Ann Davis with a different hairdo and different mannerisms. The episode impressed me also because I thought that it was a great showcase for her talents as an actress. I could be wrong, but even if I am, I still think that she was a joy of an actress to watch.


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