Dinosaurs, Noah’s Flood, and Creationism- An ecological challenge

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SuchomimusI recently visited the Science Museum of Minnesota to check out the exhibit “Ultimate Dinosaurs” which features a number of dinosaurs which aren’t typically displayed in North America. I heard one other museum-goer talking about how they always thought that dinosaurs just were dinosaurs–that they were the same all over the Earth. But they weren’t! In fact, there is great diversity in the types of dinosaurs found in different parts of the world. Some are found all over North America; others are restricted to small parts of Africa or South America.

That got me thinking on creationism. A standard young earth creationist account of the history of the world would state that dinosaur fossils are found where they lay because the Flood put them there. Many YEC accounts are catastrophic in nature, arguing that the Flood recreated the surface of the Earth and left most or all of the layers…

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  1. I love anthropology; I minored in it at N.Y.U. 🙂


  2. jamesbradfordpate says:

    This post may not be about anthropology, since it’s more about the animal kingdom. But you’re in luck! I checked out the Cambridge Companion to Levi Strauss. I’ll write a post about that sometime in the future. I’ll appreciate any feedback you can offer.


  3. I look forward to it 😀


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