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Book Write-Up: Roger Williams and the Creation of the American Soul

John M. Barry.  Roger Williams and the Creation of the American Soul: Church, State, and the Birth of Liberty.  Viking, 2012. This book is about Roger Williams, who started Providence, Rhode Island as a place of religious freedom.  He had … Continue reading

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“Jesus Loves Even Me”

At church this morning, we sang the hymn “Jesus Loves Even Me.”  I especially liked the following stanza: “Though I forget Him, and wander away, “Still He doth love me wherever I stray; “Back to His dear loving arms I … Continue reading

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The truth about the New Atheism: an interview with David Marshall

Originally posted on lotharlorraine:
I had the immense privilege to interview historian, sociologist and Christian apologist David Marshall on militant atheists and their arguments. I truly hope you’ll appreciate it! Lotharson: Hello David, thank you very much for having accepted…

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I Chronicles 16

I have two items for my post about I Chronicles 16. 1.  Although the Ark of the Covenant and the Tabernacle were often together in the Pentateuch—-with the Ark being inside of the Tabernacle, except when it was brought out … Continue reading

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David Muir Replacing Diane Sawyer

David Muir will be replacing Diane Sawyer as the nightly anchor of ABC News, which is what I watch.  That’s not too big of an adjustment for me as a viewer, since he’s substituted for Diane so many times, and … Continue reading

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5 Myths about the 7 Deuterocanonical Books of the Christian Bible

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Book Write-Up: Blown by the Spirit, by David R. Como

David R. Como.  Blown by the Spirit: Puritanism and the Emergence of an Antinomian Underground in Pre-Civil War England.  Stanford University Press, 2004. I came across this book while I was doing a search on a library’s catalog.  I had … Continue reading

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About to Vote in a Republican Primary

Although I lean more in the progressive direction politically, I am registered as a Republican.  The reason is that, where I live, the primaries are closed, which means that only registered Democrats can vote in Democratic primaries, and only registered … Continue reading

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The Holiday Blues

A thought has occurred to me more than once: according to my recollections, I had the “holiday blues” more often after I quit drinking, than I did before.  I wonder why that was.  Isn’t sobriety, after all, supposed to entail … Continue reading

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Loser’s Guide to God’s Grace 09: What You Get

Originally posted on The Loser's Guide to God's Grace:
So if what you get by God’s grace is so much better than the “blessings” we’ve been praying and asking for, what is it? What do we get? I…

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