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Of Camels and Gnats

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James White and Barry Lynn Debate about Homosexuality and Christianity

Yesterday, I was watching a debate between Christian apologist James White and Barry Lynn, a lawyer, United Church of Christ pastor, and Executive Director of the Americans United for Separation of Church and State.  The debate addressed the question, “Is … Continue reading

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Does the Bible say that you should forgive someone who does not repent?

Originally posted on WINTERY KNIGHT:
Kevin Lewis, a professor of Theology and Law at the conservative Biola University, was asked this question: Recently, I was reading Dr. Kenneth Bailey’s “Jesus Through Middle Eastern Eyes” (IVP press 2008). When commenting on…

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Book Write-Up: The Opponents of Paul in Second Corinthians

Dieter Georgi.  The Opponents of Paul in Second Corinthians.  Philadelphia: Fortress Press, 1986. This book is a 1986 English translation of Georgi’s 1964 work in German, with new epilogues in which Georgi clarifies and refines his positions.  The book is … Continue reading

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Enjoying a Beautiful Day with a Good Attitude, Plus Getting Some Books

I didn’t go to church this morning.  It was a beautiful day, so my Mom, her husband, and I went to Syracuse to eat breakfast, go to the zoo, then go to the Goodwill, which has a big store there.  … Continue reading

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I Chronicles 11

I have four items for my blog post today about I Chronicles 11.  I will follow that with some reflections. 1.  In I Chronicles 11, David captures Jerusalem from the Jebusites.  The notes in the Jewish Study Bible (written by … Continue reading

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Elliptical Ramblings on the Fruit of the Spirit

My church did not have its Bible study last night because the pastor was at his granddaughter’s birthday party. So what should I write about today?  I was visiting a Christian blog.  The blog post that I was reading linked … Continue reading

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Reflections on the Problem of Evil

I read a post not long ago, Prayson Daniel’s Scholarly Status of Logical Problem of Evil.  The problem of evil (as I understand it) states that the existence of evil in the world is strong evidence against the existence of … Continue reading

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Stages of faith – the flight-path of a relationship

Originally posted on The Evangelical Liberal:
One of this blog’s central, recurring ideas is that faith has a life cycle with recognisable phases or stages (an idea originally developed by James Fowler). It’s an idea that’s helped and supported me…

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Book Write-Up: A History of God, by Karen Armstrong

Karen Armstrong.  A History of God: The 4000-Year Quest of Judaism, Christianity and Islam.  New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1994. I just finished a library copy of this book, but I decided to buy a copy for myself.  They run … Continue reading

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