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Is Imam Mahdi the biblical Anti-Christ?

Originally posted on Have You Met Islam?:
There is a book written by Joel Richardson called “The Islamic Antichrist.” I have not read this book (nor do I intend to), but have read reviews. It seems that the author wants his…

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Book Write-Up: The Origin of Christology

C.F.D. Moule.  The Origin of Christology.  Cambridge University Press, 1977, 1978. Christology has recently been a prominent issue within the biblioblogosphere, due to Bart Ehrman’s new book and the responses to it.  I’ve been wanting to read Moule’s The Origin … Continue reading

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A practical post on grace…clean the bathroom!

Originally posted on Enough Light:
I’m back. Just a practical post today on grace. Grace can be defined as the unmerited favor of God. Perhaps as a child you learned the acronym that GRACE stands for: God’s Riches at Christ’s…

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