Did Ezekiel Prophesy Correctly About Tyre? (Part 3)

I found this interesting. One argument within biblical scholarship is that Ezekiel falsely predicted the fall of Tyre to Babylon, then falsely predicted that Babylon would take over Egypt as compensation for its failure to fully subjugate Tyre. Here is a conservative Christian response to the first part of that argument.

Thomistic Bent

In Part 2, we found that Ezekiel’s prophesy about the destruction of Tyre was correct. To summarize the findings:

1. The Tyre of today is a far, far cry from the Tyre of old, so much different that the comparison is ridiculous. The Tyre of old withstood attacks from waves of the greatest armies and held out for years. By the first century, Tyre had been reduced to begging their rulers for peace to keep their food supply.

2. Ezekiel, in fact, prophesied that people would continue to live in Tyre.

3. The ancient Jews, who understood the prophecies better than us, held that Ezekiel’s prophecies were true.

4. The proper boundaries of the old city are in fact in ruins today and have not been rebuilt.

5. Ezekiel 26:20, which is often translated “you will not be inhabited” is in a section that is, in context, speaking of the…

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  1. It is interesting to see how different schools of thought can be brought together and contrasted or made to complement each other. 🙂


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