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In the End Times, We All Tell Our Story

Originally posted on The Upside Down World:
Remember me raving a few weeks back about Humans of New York? Well, I want to share a picture and the quote that went with it which was recently posted on their Facebook…

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Originally posted on theoutwardquest:
“In fact, to possess spatio-temporal properties is the same as to exist.”  (John Wild (2013-07-25). The Challenge of Existentialism (Kindle Locations 482-483). New Albany. Kindle Edition.) This was John Wild’s description of the view of atomistic…

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Was Jesus That Exemplary?

A favorite atheist blog of mine is Bob Seidensticker’s Cross Examined: Clear Thinking about Christianity.  This morning, I read his post, Is This a Powerful New Apologetic Argument?  The post pertains to the question of whether Jesus in the Gospels … Continue reading

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