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The New Reformation

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I Chronicles 7

This week, I will write about I Chronicles 7 for my weekly quiet time blog post. I Chronicles 7 contains puzzling details.  I Chronicles 7:14 says that Manasseh had an Aramean concubine.  How could this be the case, if Manasseh … Continue reading

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Kenneth Copeland Waiting for the Dentist….

I was listening to preacher Kenneth Copeland a couple days ago.  He told a story about when he was sitting in the waiting room to see the dentist, and he overheard two dental assistants talking.  The first said that she … Continue reading

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Does God Only Hear Christians’ Prayers?

I was watching some sermons yesterday.  The first one was by Joel Osteen.  The second was by Kenneth Copeland.  And the third was by Charles Stanley. I liked the first two sermons.  The third, however, troubled me immensely.  Charles Stanley’s … Continue reading

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A Catechism on Sacrifice: A Resource for Understanding OT Worship

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Fighting God

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In My Dreams; In Love with a Church Girl; the Hiding Place

I will be writing about three movies today: In My Dreams, I’m in Love with a Church Girl, and The Hiding Place. 1.  In My Dreams. In My Dreams was the Hallmark Hall of Fame movie this past Sunday.  It … Continue reading

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Book Write-Up: What Works, by Cal Thomas

Cal Thomas.  What Works: Common Sense Solutions for a Stronger America.  Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 2014. Cal Thomas is a conservative syndicated columnist.  In What Works, Thomas bemoans what be believes are problems in America, and he proposes solutions.  The “problems” … Continue reading

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Book Write-Up: Kant, by Manfred Kuehn

Manfred Kuehn.  Kant: A Biography.  Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2001. From the time that I was an undergraduate until now, the eighteenth century philosopher Immanuel Kant has been with me.  I’ve heard or read such things as: “Kant refuted the … Continue reading

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Easter 2014

For Easter, I went to Catholic mass with my Mom and step-Dad last night, and I went to my Presbyterian church this morning.  I am not sure what to get out of these services as someone who is not entirely … Continue reading

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