John Wild-the Lebenswelt


In The Challenge of Existentialism John Wild praises existentialists for pioneering the phenomenological method of observing the world. He thinks this method is the way philosophy should go about its business. He contrasts the scientific method with this.

The scientific method is necessarily reductionistic. In other words it is only interested in one kind of thing. It has to filter out questions of meaning or the personal. It uses instruments to observe and measure the things it is interested in. But philosophy seeks to grasp the structure of things as a whole. So it must use a method that takes every aspect of existence into account. It must have its own methods of observation.

It must pay attention to the “vast, confused, primordial, world of concrete life.” This introduces us to Wild’s concept of the Lebenswelt. This is a German word for the actual world in which we live. This…

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