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The Genocide And Gun Control Myth

Originally posted on Whistling In The Wind:
There are many arguments that can be used against gun control and while I disagree with them all, some are plausible. However, there is one that is so completely absurd that it hardly…

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The Righteousness of God: Three Views

Originally posted on Cruciform Theology:
Douglas Campbell writes, “The current debate concerning the meaning of diakosune theou (the righteousness of God) in Paul is immense.”[1] The controversy predominantly centers on whether the ‘righteousness’[2] of God is retributive/punitive or gracious/benevolent in nature. Additionally, scholars…

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Do I Care If People Become Christians?

For the past few months, a question has recurred to me: Do I care if other people become Christians?  I used to be encouraged to pray for people to become Christians.  I still am sometimes when I go to church, … Continue reading

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