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Book Write-Up: Mark—-Traditions in Conflict

Theodore J. Weeden.  Mark—-Traditions in Conflict.  Philadelphia: Fortress Press, 1971. I decided to read this book when I saw that it was mentioned in a book that Richard Bauckham edited, The Gospels for All Christians: Rethinking the Gospel Audiences.  The … Continue reading

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Creating Disciples

Originally posted on Jesus Without Baggage:
I was in college in the mid-70s when an extreme discipleship program reached out and touched me. It was the Shepherding Movement that began with a group of six prominent Charismatic pastors. These pastors…

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Old Self, New Self, Christ Within

At church this morning, the pastor was talking about a person who was born again.  This person confessed that there was still darkness within him, but he said that things are different for him now, and that this is not … Continue reading

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I Chronicles 3

I have two items for my blog post today about I Chronicles 3: 1.  V 3 states that David had Ithream “by Eglah his wife” (KJV).  This stood out to me because the chapter mentions other women by whom David … Continue reading

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Mary, and the Weakness of Theodicy

For its Bible study, my church is going through The Easter Experience: What If What Happened Then Changes Everything Now?  Last night, we did Session 4, “my life has a plan”.  The lesson was about how life does not always … Continue reading

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Jesus’ Divinity: Ehrman v. the Evangelicals (Pt. 1)

Originally posted on the archives near Emmaus:
Rudolf Bultmann For as long as I’ve known the name “Rudolf Bultmann” it has been presented to me as something akin to “Darth Vader” or “Cruella De Vil”, i.e., the arch-liberal, the arch-nemesis…

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On Not Dismissing Cliches about Church

Not long ago, I was reading a post that was critical of the institutional church.  Someone was saying that she felt alienated and alone when attending church.  A pro-church commenter then rushed in, saying that we should focus more on … Continue reading

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Book Write-Up: The Book of Acts in Its Diaspora Setting, by Irina Levinskaya

Irina Levinskaya.  The Book of Acts in Its First Century Setting, Volume 5: The Book of Acts in Its Diaspora Setting.  Grand Rapids, William B.Eerdmans/Carlisle: The Paternoster Press, 1996. This book is the fifth volume of a series about the … Continue reading

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Weaknesses of the Two Source Hypothesis: Minor Agreements

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Originally posted on theoutwardquest:
I am reading the commentary Leviticus by Jacob Milgrom The author is among those scholars who accept the evidence that burning children as an offering to Molech was a thing in ancient Israel. Leviticus 18 lists 17…

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