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Sundays With St. Paul: An Introduction to Paul and the Law

Originally posted on the archives near Emmaus:
This the first post of the “Sundays With St. Paul” series I started last Sunday. Today’s post is still being finished up. One of the classes I’m taking this semester is titled “Paul…

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Dependence on God: Why’s It Work When It Does?

At church this morning, the pastor told a story about a biographer and a politician.  The biographer submitted his first draft of his biography to the politician, and the politician asked, “Is that the best you can do?”  Realizing he … Continue reading

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Book Write-Up: Resurrection and the Restoration of Israel

Jon D. Levenson.  Resurrection and the Restoration of Israel: The Ultimate Victory of the God of Life.  New Haven: Yale University Press, 2006. A prominent scholarly narrative is that the concept of the resurrection of the dead is absent throughout … Continue reading

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Losing the Race 1: Income Disparities

For my first blog post about John McWhorter’s 2000 book, Losing the Race: Self-Sabotage in Black America, I’ll use as my starting-point some points that McWhorter makes on pages 9-10.  McWhorter is arguing against the idea that “Most Black People … Continue reading

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