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Were The Biblical Prophecies Fulfilled?

Originally posted on Whistling In The Wind:
A common argument made by Christians is that the Bible contains prophecies that it would be impossible for any ordinary human to know and must have come from God. These claimed fulfilled prophesises…

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Kennedy & Nixon 10

On page 320 of Kennedy & Nixon, Chris Matthews characterizes Richard Nixon’s response to his sweeping victory in the 1972 Presidential election as follows: “Old campaign hand Herb Klein was not alone in registering [Nixon’s] strange hibernation as evidence his … Continue reading

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Loeb Classical Library

Originally posted on Biblical Studies Online:
The Loeb Classical Library series (LCL) comprises originals and translations of ancient Greek and Latin texts. Volumes feature the original Greek or Latin text on the left facing an English translation on the right.…

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Me, the invisible woman in the church pew

Originally posted on Laura Droege's blog:
  (PLEASE NOTE: For the past four years, this post has generated a great deal of email for me. Please know that while I care about hearing your stories and sympathize with the…

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