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The Last Ounce of Courage

I watched the 2012 Christian movie, The Last Ounce of Courage.  Some people in my Bible study group were recommending it, and, after coming home and reading what it was about, I was expecting not to like it.  Well, I … Continue reading

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Book Write-Up: The Adam Quest, by Tim Stafford

Tim Stafford.  The Adam Quest: Eleven Scientists Who Held On to a Strong Faith While Wrestling with the Mystery of Human Origins.  Nashville: Nelson Books, 2013. The Adam Quest profiles scientists who believe in Christianity and have wrestled with such … Continue reading

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Kennedy & Nixon 9

On page 299 of Kennedy & Nixon, Chris Matthews talks about a way that President Richard Nixon tried to record discussions before he resorted to the taping system: “Nixon had first tried other record-keeping techniques.  At one point he had … Continue reading

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