“Early High Christology”: Clarifying Key Issues and Positions

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As a follow-up to my previous posting in which I cited again Andrew Chester’s review of recent scholarly analysis of earliest “christology” here, I want to offer some further comments intended to clarify a few matters for those interested.

First, the sort of questions that I address are historical ones, i.e., questions that are in principle open to investigation by anyone interested and with the necessary competence, requiring no particular ideological or theological stance as a premise.  That is not to de-value theological stances and questions at all.  But (as I see it, at least) historical inquiry should proceed without either denying or requiring any particular theological stance as a basis.  So, historical inquiry cannot readily answer theological questions (e.g., Did this or that event constitute a divine revelation/action?), and no one theological stance can serve as a premise for historical discussion that is intended to include people of…

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