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Walton – Propositions 17 and 18

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The Lost World of Genesis One: Ancient Cosmology and the Origins Debate, by John H. Walton. What it says Proposition 17 is that Resulting Theology in This View of Genesis 1 Is Stronger, Not Weaker. Walton…

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Memory in real life (3)

Originally posted on Judy's research blog:
So far, I have been talking about individual memory, but in this post, I’d like to address two things that affect how groups remember things. One is culture and the other is authority.…

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Book Write-Up: Warranted Christian Belief, by Alvin Plantinga

Alvin Plantinga.  Warranted Christian Belief.  New York, Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2000. Alvin Plantinga is a renowned Christian philosopher.  I first heard of him when I was a student at Harvard Divinity School.  I was taking William Abraham’s class on … Continue reading

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The Final Days 5

On page 156 of The Final Days, Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein say that House Minority Leader John Rhodes “thought that the President’s aloofness showed strength.” My tendency to be rather aloof has turned people off from me, but is … Continue reading

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