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Elizabeth Warren: Education Department Shouldn’t Be A ‘Lapdog’

Originally posted on A Progressive's thoughts:
Senator Warren is absolutely correct in her assessment that the Department of Education should be our students educational watchdog and not the private lender’s lapdog. We need to take a good long and…

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Real Peace, by Richard Nixon

I read Richard Nixon’s 1983 book, Real Peace.  This book overlapped in areas with the last foreign policy book by Nixon that I read, 1999: Victory Without War.  There were three things in Real Peace that particularly stood out to … Continue reading

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Psalm 137

Psalm 137 is most likely about the Jews’ exile in Babylon.  The Jews in this Psalm are upset that the Babylonians destroyed their capitol city and their temple, and that the Edomites betrayed them to the Babylonians.  V 9 states: … Continue reading

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