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Lord, I thank you that I’m not like those people who thank God they’re not like other people

Originally posted on Mercy not Sacrifice:
Our senior pastor Larry Buxton, who’s a baseball nut, says that parables are supposed to be stories that have a “late-breaking curveball.” He threw a curveball this past weekend with his sermon on the…

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Learning something besides doctrine from the Apostle Paul…

Originally posted on Enough Light:
Usually we read and study the apostle Paul’s New Testament letters focusing on the exact words (content) that he wrote to the various churches and individuals. Of course, we want to properly understand the issues,…

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Jonathan Aitken’s Nixon: A Life 13

My blog post today about Jonathan Aitken’s Nixon: A Life will focus on a couple of items on page 556.  They concern Richard Nixon’s relationship with Robert “Bud” McFarlane, who served as President Ronald Reagan’s National Security Adviser. McFarlane got … Continue reading

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