Walton – Proposition 1


The Lost World of Genesis One: Ancient Cosmology and the Origins Debate, by John H. Walton.

What it says

As the title implies, Walton thinks the world of Genesis 1 has been lost to most people today.  He seeks to recover it by setting forth a series of proposition.

Walton’s first proposition is that Genesis 1 is ancient cosmology.  This means that God did not bother to correct their ideas (that the sky was a solid firmament or their ignorance about the nature and distance of the stars).  God left their ancient cosmology be.

So concordism, the idea that we can translate Genesis 1 into modern scientific terms, is wrong.  In fact, it misinterprets the Bible by misconstruing its intent.  Since God did not think it important to give the ancient Israelites correct and precise scientific details, we can conclude that the purpose of Genesis 1 was something…

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