Some Badly Needed Historical Perspective Regarding the Affordable Care Act

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I am waiting for the dust to settle, however most of the pundits on t.v are salivating at the “horror” stories without giving equal time to the success stories, something that I find woefully irresponsible. Being a MA resident who has dealt with Romneycare under employer covered health insurance, purchased health care insurance as a small business owner and also was covered under Mass Health, I have to say that all three experiences while still costing my family out of pocket expenses which were difficult at times, still beat being un-insured by a mile. Patience is a difficult virtue to acquire, but in this day and age of instant information, it seems as if those who need to be measured and reflective are standing around chomping at the bit at a huge historic piece of legislation that is experiencing growing pains. Does anyone remember the launch of the iPhone? Medicare…

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4 Responses to Some Badly Needed Historical Perspective Regarding the Affordable Care Act

  1. Thanks for the reblog, I really appreciate it and your thoughts about this as well. 🙂


  2. jamesbradfordpate says:

    Oh, I was just reading that Wall Street Journal article by the lady with cancer who is criticizing Obamacare, as well as some of the liberal sites that say that Obamacare is not at fault for her insurance company dropping her policy. I wish Obamacare could be more flexible in terms of allowing her to see doctors in more locations; at the same time, my understanding is that the exchanges operate that restricted way to keep down the premiums and health care costs. I don’t know. I do know that the system before Obamacare was not helpful to many cancer patients, either.

    Have you been following that case—-of the lady who wrote that Wall Street Journal article?


  3. I haven’t followed this particular woman’s story but there are other’s that are illuminating in terms of the lack of solid research as to the options. I think that what is lacking in the discourse is that we are still dealing with a for profit system. I wish it weren’t so, I find that it is sad that there are profits to be gotten from illness.


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