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How I read the Bible differently than John MacArthur

Originally posted on Mercy not Sacrifice:
A friend pointed me to Tim Challies’ recent interview with John MacArthur in which MacArthur doubled down on the claims made in his Strange Fire conference condemning the charismatic movement in Christianity. While I…

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Some Badly Needed Historical Perspective Regarding the Affordable Care Act

Originally posted on A Progressive's thoughts:
I am waiting for the dust to settle, however most of the pundits on t.v are salivating at the “horror” stories without giving equal time to the success stories, something that I find…

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Jonathan Aitken’s Nixon: A Life 6

A controversial issue that dogged Richard Nixon in his 1960 and 1962 political campaigns was a loan that one of magnate Howard Hughes’ companies made to Nixon’s brother, Donald.  The loan was so that Donald could expand his business, and … Continue reading

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What God Told Me Yesterday

Originally posted on The Upside Down World:
“I want you to know I never believed the things people said about you. Those people who said they could see better than you could what your faults are? I never saw what…

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