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You Are Enough

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Originally posted on Abi Bechtel:
Trail marker photo by Eric Schmuttenmaer on Flickr Creative Commons I knew it was God’s Plan for us to be married. At 14, I’d had a bona fide Sign From God — the details of…

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Gratitude and Robinson Crusoe

The theme at church this morning was being thankful.  I especially appreciated the part of my pastor’s sermon about giving thanks amidst bad situations.  He referred to the book Robinson Crusoe, in which Robinson is stranded on an island and … Continue reading

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Fawn Brodie’s Richard Nixon: The Shaping of His Character 3

On page 129 of Richard Nixon: The Shaping of His Character, Fawn Brodie says that two published articles that Richard Nixon wrote as a Duke Law School student related to traumas or unfortunate incidents in his own life, or in … Continue reading

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