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Going to Church, Not Going to Church

I didn’t go to church this morning.  It was raining heavily, and I didn’t want to walk to church in the rain.  I called one lady who goes to my church and asked if she could give me a ride, … Continue reading

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Pardon Me. Did You Say Kierkegaard Made Comments About C.S. Lewis?

Originally posted on The Baker Deep End Blog:
I don’t read much by Joyce Meyer but we do sell a lot of her books so from time to time I’ll pick one up and browse through it. Her latest book…

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The Curse of Secular Culture

Originally posted on Triangulations:
Here is a snapshot of my workspace as “Arthur’s Day” comes to a close in Ireland tonight.  “The Sharp”, a blogging Irish Bible scholar, posted a hilarious lambaste today about Arthur’s Day — a holiday I…

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The Arrogance of Power 2

In my post today about Anthony Summers’ The Arrogance of Power: The Secret World of Richard Nixon, I will write about the Alger Hiss case, in which Congressman Richard Nixon played a prominent role.  I’ve summed up the Alger Hiss … Continue reading

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